Pietro Borzì

Born in '87, Pietro is a Director and Filmmaker with a background in documentary and journalism. After some years in radio, where he had been hosting radio shows, he switched to visual arts and started directing several music videos. In 2010 he founded a web tv streaming lives music session, Less Tv. At the same time he developed a strong interest into observation of reality. In 2014 he directed "Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior", a documentary project produced by Wired Italia, as a resulted of his experience on board of the Greenpeace ship. His work has been featured on Vogue.it, Pitchfork, Repubblica.it, Rollingstone.it, il POST, MTV Hive, Wired.it, Vice Noisey. He worked for clients such as Leica, Molinari, Nike, Timberland, Dondup, Hera, Unipol, Barilla, National Geographic, Zanichelli, Coop, Wired and Mediaset.